Sunday, July 23, 2006

Will You Take Advantage of Change?

Where there is life, there is change. Just look at how much you've changed over the years. Do you wear the same type of clothes as you did when you are 16? How about your hairstyle - has it change? Are you still living with your parents? Do you listen to the same music? ... drive the same car? .... hang out with the same friends? .... attend the same high school?

Of course no!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

If You Want Big Results, You Gotta Dream Big Dreams!!

January 1975, Homestead, California.

Steven Jobs and steen worniak couldn't believe their eyes! There, on the front cover of the January edition of Popular Electronics magazine was a color photo-graph of the Altair 8800, the world first micro-computer. Up to that point, the only real computers in the world were huge, multi-million-dollar mainframes owned by the goverment, major universities, and big business. Only engineers with high security clearance could get near the computer back in 1975.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Internet: Where Dot.Com Dreams Come True!

The Internet is made for dreamers - " dreamers" I call them.
Jeff Bezos was one of the first dreamers in the sort history of the internet - and one of the most successful. He jumped on the internet bandwagon in 1994, two years after President George Bush signed legislation allowing the public to conduct commerce on the Net.
By 1997 - only three years after he started his internet company - Jeff Bezos was a billionaire!

An e-Commerce Dreamer
Jeff Bezos wasn't just smart - he was a brain! He graduated from Princeton summa cum laude with a double major in electric engineering and computer science. Two years after graduation, he took a job on Wall Street with Bankers Trust Company development in assets. Two years after that, 26 year old Bezos became the youngest vice president in the company's history. By 30, he was multi-millionaire.
I looked like Bezos was on the fast track to become a Wall Street CEO. But he had a dream to own his own business... to be his own boss... and to call his own shots. He understood he'd never be able to do that working for someone else, no matter what job title was on his nameplate.
Bezos kept his eye out for business opportunities. Then one day in early 1994, he read a statistic that would change his life : The internet was growing at a rate of 2,300% a year.
"Outsite of a petri dish, I'd never seen anything grow as fast as the internet," he said. Bezos didn't know what business he would go into. He just knew it would be online. And he knew it would be soon. Bezos made a list of 20 different products that could be sold online and ranked them according to which product would be easiest to sell. Books came in first. He resigned from his job and drew up a computer while his wife drove from New York to West Coast.
He decided to call his new online venture Amazon.Com. As I write this, is five year old company with market capitalization of $25 billion, and the company has become one of the most recognized brand names in North America.

e-Commerce Explosion
Bezos' daring enterprise was the first big success for e-commerce, and it focused the world's attention on the Internet's enormous commercial potential. Even though the jury is out as to when, if ever, will turn to profit, the company paved the way for an e-commerce explosion that is revolutionizing the way wealth is created.
To better understand the wealth-creating capacity of e-commerce, let's compare it to some other giant industries that have dominated the world economy - automobiles, retailing, and computer software. Prior to the internet, it took decades for a business owner to amass a billion dollars.
It took Hendry Ford 23 years to reach his first billion.
Sam Walton needed 20 years to earn his first billion.
It even took Bill Gates 12 years to earn a billion. It took Jeff Bezos three years to earn a billion on the Internet! According to Fortune magazine, Bezos was worth almost $9 billion in 1999, only fie years after starting!

Internet fortunes are mada in months or year - instead of decades. And the scary thing is, the Net is just in its infancy! The Net has been doubling every year for the past 11 years, according to Vint Cerf, president of the Internet Society. He predicts that by the end of 2000, there will be 300 million people online. Wow! (2006 - more then 900 million people online).
As Al Jolson used to say "Folks, you ain't seen nothin' yet!"
Scores of reputable institutions are forecasting incredible growth of the internet and e-commerce in the next few years.Although the growth figure may very widely, all forecasters agree that e-commerce will explode as it enters the 21st century.
You only need to glance at the graphs to recognize that the growth for e-commerce are mind-boggling! A few short years from now, e-commerce revenues are projected to incerease 10-fold!... and the number of online buyers will exceed 100 millions! The world has never seen growth like this before! It's unbelievable! The e-commerce exposion isnt't just a trend - it's a world-wide mega-shift in the buying/selling cycle!
Projections like these mean that a whole of people are going to make a whole lot of money during the coming decade. Folks, we're standing at the edge of an e-commerce explosion just as it's begining to erupt, and those of us who are alert enough to position ourselves to take advantage of this incredible opportunity will sake a claim to hundreds og billions of dollar in the next few years.
Jeff Bezos saw this massive mega-trend unfolding in 1994, and he didn't hesitate. He understood the importance of being in the right place at the right time - and he jumped in with both feet. Three years later he was a multi-billionaire .... and the big growth wave hasn't even started rolling in yet! Amazing.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I wish you could have seen the expression on my mother's when I took her on her first tour of the Internet. "This is the greatest tool ever invented!" she exclaimed with delight as we zapped from website to website with a point and a click.
I must say I was more than suprise at my mother's reaction. Fact is, I was shocked! You see, my mother is the least technical person I know. She's a people person, and she's a real go-getter - she's raised millions of dollar for I-don't-know-how-many charities over the years. If you want something done, all you have to do is ask my mom. It WILL get done!
But my mother is clueless when it comes to anything technical! CLUELESS! She can set the electric alarm clock and the temperature in the oven, but that's about it. But despite her technical limitations, she took to internet like a duck to water! Once she got over her initial fears she was off and running.

Tools Are Only as Good as the People Operating Them!

My mother was thrilled to learn that the whole world was only a point and click away. And it only took her a few minutes to recognize the Net's immediate value and long-term potential.
She loved her new tool! Loved the convenience. Loved the ease of use. Loved the fact she could buy virtually anything online that she could buy at a store. She could shop from home... research any topic ... buy airline tickets and reserve hotel rooms ... visit museums all over the world...e-mail her six grandchildren... play games with friends ... and download recipes.
Last time I talked to Mom, she and Dad were going shopping for a computer.
I tell you this story about my mom for two reason. First, to let you know just how easy it is to hook up a computer and surf the internet these days. That hasn't always been the case. Just a few short years ago you had to learn a long list of keyboard commands to run a simple software program. It was like learning a new language. Not so anymore. The Internet is user-friendly and getting friendlier by the day! If my mom can surf the internet within minutes, anybody can!
Second, I want you to understand that the computer wired to the internet is a tool. An awesome, powerful tool - but a tool, nonetheless. It may well be, as my mom says, "the greatest tool ever invented" - but it's still just a tool. Like a shovel. Or a can opener. Or a car. Tools were invented as a way for people to save time and effort. But in the end, tools are only good as the people operating.

The Internet as a Business Tool
The internet is a great tool to enhance our personal lives, but it's also a great business tool. when you think about it, the internet is all of today's best business tools rolled into one - and then some! It's a typewriter... a fax,, a phone... a VCR .. a TV .. a dictating machine ... virtual mall...virtual office.. all linked up to a network of millions of computers in homes, scholls, and offices all over the world. Woowww!
This tool is so powerful that a single person can build a multi-million-dollar business from the keyboard of one internet-linked computer! But a different person can take that same computer with the same internet access and sit it on a desk and never turn it on! How much profit will this computer generate? Zero.
Same tool.
Same business potential.
Different results.
The point is that people run tools, tools don't run people. Right now thousands of people are positioning themselves to use the internet as a tool to profit from internet commerce - e-commerce, as it's being called. Some of these people don't even own a computer yet. Others own the most jazzed-up personal computer money can buy. But their succes won't be determined by size and type of their computer - their tool. Their success will be determined by the person operating the tool.

High Tech, High Touch
Every business is a people business. Whether you're offering products, such as shoes or shower caps ... or whether you're offering services, such as long distance phone service or long-term loans - you are still in the people business!
whether you're an independent business owner of an "old economy" business with a bricks-and-mortar address... or the owner of a nw "e-economy" business with an internet address, you still in the people business. No matter what business you're in your success depends on your ability to communicate with people.... listen to people... attract people.. help people... sell to people... teach and train people... inspire people... share with people.. and love people.
Without people on each end, a phone is nothing more than a big paperweight. Same with computer. The internet is a powerful tool, all right. Maybe the greatest tool ever invented. But we must never lose sight of the fact that it's still a tool to enrich the lives of other people.

Income Gap Becomes the Dream Gap
You're probably read that the income gap is widening - the rich keep getting richer investing in a raging bull stock market, and the super-smart "techies are raking in zillions making computers, developing software, and starting high-flying internet companies.
While the sun has been shining on the fortunate few, most people are left standing in the rain! Average people, the vast majority of people who make up the middle class - still aren't getting ahead. They's just treading water, or worse, sinking deeper in debt. As a result, there's another gap that's getting wider and wider by the day - the dream gap! The dream gap is the gap between what people dream for themselves and their families, and what they can really afford.
You see, dreams aren't just the property of the upper class. Average people have dreams, too. People dream of financial independence. But the reality is that most people are having to work longer hours. Only to earn less money. People dream of job security for themselves and their families. But the reality is that massive layoffs continue. People dream of a comfortable retirement and a college education for their kids. But the reality is that saving levels are at an all-time low. People dream of spending more time at home and taking family vacations every year. But the reality is that Mom is working and Dad has a second job, so there's never enough time for the family.

What's the Solution?
This blog will offer you the solution to closing the dream gap. Dream-Biz.Com will explain how average people can take advantage of the greatest economic boom in the history of the world.
E-commerce is getting ready to explode as we enter the new millenium, and you can position yourself to profit from that boom in a big way - just as the super-rich and super-smart people are doing.
This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity won't be around for long, so catch the wave while you can - and ride it to the top!
Design you future and live your dreams in the e-economy!